ePO Health Check

London Security Solutions

ePO Health Check with Dennis London

As a Security customer, you know the value of buying an enterprise level security technology. Now comes the tricky part, figuring out how to fit this best in breed technology into your existing IT infrastructure. Maybe you have recurring high CPU usage issues, maybe an application which has worked before is now having difficulties, maybe your users are complaining that "Security is blocking our applications, just disable it." Or some combination of the above.

When you buy a new car, the first thing you do is adjust the seat. Change the placement of the mirrors, put on the radio station you want, connect your phone to the Bluetooth, and most importantly - put on your seatbelt. Why would buying a security technology be any different? The default configurations are much like a car without the seat placed right - they are not tuned for your company specifically, but with a few changed, it can be.

Let London Security Solutions provide your company with a high level overview of your policies, as well as showing a few tips and tricks to improve your ePO environment and overall Security experience. Have questions regarding ongoing problems you might be having? Are you experiencing problems that McAfee support has tried time after time with no solution? Dennis London has the experience and expertise to assist and provide the answers your company needs.

Here is a quick message from Dennis London regarding why he is offering these 1 hour sessions: "We tend to find many ePO customers don’t have the time to dive into many of the key features and components which need a little TLC from time to time. For the most part, we find ePO servers in almost the exact state as when they installed it. Perhaps a couple of exceptions for rule tuning but more often than not these are also done incorrectly due to no fault of the customer as some of these configurations can be a bit confusing… even for Security engineers. We're offering our time because we just want to help."

We want to help, but our time is limited. Please contact us at info@londonsecuritysolutions.com to set up your ePO Health Check today.

Terms: We are limiting these 1 hour ePO Health Check sessions to 1 session per company. You’re welcome to have as many people from your organization on the call, but we want to provide these sessions to as many people as possible and our time is limited. If you require additional assistance that takes longer than an hour, we will work with you to solve as much as possible and schedule additional assistance as necessary.