Endpoint Protection and Business Solutions


Optimized for a small footprint and high performance across multiple platforms.


Simple installation and management from the cloud or on premises.


Next - generation anti - malware technology shields your devices from advanced threats.

Enterprise Security

At London Security Solutions, LLC, we’re committed to helping you adopt a security risk management approach to address security and compliance concerns using integrated solutions that work together for maximum efficiency. We approach security as a process, not a product. It’s a way of doing business that helps your organization protect its investments, proactively identify and eliminate exposures, block attacks, manage compliance, and implement remediation strategies.

What if you could:

  • Stop reacting to threats and compliance needs with point solutions that don’t integrate?
  • Manage security and compliance risks together for operational efficiency?
  • Quantify security and compliance risks to understand business exposure?
  • Protect critical assets to ensure business continuity?

You need a comprehensive, best of breed security solution that doesn’t make a huge dent in your bottom line. London Security Solutions, LLC, believes Security provides a proven approach to bridge the gap between business realities and security priorities. In today’s fast-evolving threat landscape, organizations simply cannot afford the increased risk and operational costs that can result from deploying multi-vendor solutions that don’t interact with each other. With Security, you get truly integrated security solutions. And with the Security Innovation Alliance, Security continues to actively seek partners to integrate additional solutions with existing Security technologies. This ongoing innovation and integration with Security solutions allows Security customers to benefit from an ever-increasing ability to detect threats, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.

Security Products

Security solutions support the Security Risk Management (SRM) process with highly automated, intelligent, and integrated systems which can be distributed throughout your organization. Instead of addressing each threat or mandate as an individually unrelated problem, Security solutions help you take a holistic view of your organization's entire information ecosystem.

While most point product vendors propose an arbitrary network, system, or other means of protection to solve a specific problem, Security provides a range of technologies and products within a common intelligent and cohesive framework. You choose and adapt the security solutions to fit your unique enterprise requirements to meet the constantly changing threat landscape.